Bring in the Gargoyles!

Have you seen modern architecture lately? Doesn’t it seem to you rather…boring? They’re all made out of steel and glass (some adventurous architects use wood). They’re all square or some weird polygon shape. They’re built to be as transparent as possible and evoke a sterility that rivals that of a hospital. Seriously, it seems asContinue reading “Bring in the Gargoyles!”

Four things a man must learn to do

Four things a man must learn to do, If he should make his life more secure. To think without confusion clearly, To love his fellow men sincerely, To act from pure motives only, To trust in God and heaven securely. I got this poem from John Wooden, legendary NCAA coach who would lead the UCLAContinue reading “Four things a man must learn to do”

The Necessity For Tradition To Transform

In the convention of bringing something new to discussion, I would like to bring up something as old as civilization itself. Tradition is generally thought of as a fixed set of cultural rites, actions and relationships that pass on from one generation to the next, with a fixed power dynamic on those who create theContinue reading “The Necessity For Tradition To Transform”