Blockchain & Capitalism

“It’s not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest”. — Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations Blockchain fulfills the most basic principle of capitalism, trust, to a degree that’s without equal to anything else we have today. WithoutContinue reading “Blockchain & Capitalism”

AI: Savior or Curse?

The first observation in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was on the division of labor. More specifically, how an economy, as it progresses, becomes increasingly compartmentalized into specialized divisions that produce a particular good or service. For example, a single shoe maker will not be as fast, or efficient as 10 shoemakers doing a particularContinue reading “AI: Savior or Curse?”

The war no one talks about

We are in the midsts of a massive, global war campaign. There aren’t any corpses (that we know of), no open-plain battlefields, no guns to see. I’m talking about the daily battles being fought in cyberspace between people, groups and nations. Now, these kind of attacks are indeed talked about, but barely at all comparedContinue reading “The war no one talks about”

What I learned from building a neural network. Hint: the robots are coming!

I’m taking a developer certification for using IBM’s Watson AI, and one of the learning requirements is to understand the basics of artificial neural networks. In order to retain the information better and to understand the underlying processes, I decided to actually create a neural network, with the help of Stephen Welch’s excellent “Neural NetworksContinue reading “What I learned from building a neural network. Hint: the robots are coming!”

Bring in the Gargoyles!

Have you seen modern architecture lately? Doesn’t it seem to you rather…boring? They’re all made out of steel and glass (some adventurous architects use wood). They’re all square or some weird polygon shape. They’re built to be as transparent as possible and evoke a sterility that rivals that of a hospital. Seriously, it seems asContinue reading “Bring in the Gargoyles!”