Dangerous stories shouldn’t be whispered – Part 2

…Many years ago, cities were filled with people from all over the world. They had running water, constant internet, they even bought stuff with plastic cards! Everyone lived together and the people were much happier and less suspicious as they are now. Then, all of a sudden, a sign came down from the sky. GrandfatherContinue reading “Dangerous stories shouldn’t be whispered – Part 2”

Dangerous stories shouldn’t be whispered

I’ve found very few people who agree with me on this. Almost everyone I talk to about it looks at me with a strange face, as if I were making it all up. I know I’m not, I remember it distinctly ‘cause it was repeatedly told by my grandparents when I was a kid, andContinue reading “Dangerous stories shouldn’t be whispered”

Adventures in Dreams, California and San Salvador – Part 1

This is the first draft of a story, “A Day In the Life of Fernando,” that I hope to polish up and eventually publish. I like to think of it as a sketch to get the ideas going. I’ll post the following chapter later this week. Enjoy! It was 4am and Fernando woke up toContinue reading “Adventures in Dreams, California and San Salvador – Part 1”

The Necessity For Tradition To Transform

In the convention of bringing something new to discussion, I would like to bring up something as old as civilization itself. Tradition is generally thought of as a fixed set of cultural rites, actions and relationships that pass on from one generation to the next, with a fixed power dynamic on those who create theContinue reading “The Necessity For Tradition To Transform”