De-cluttering your digital life

If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product There’s a popular movement in the West called, “minimalism.” Although it spans many fields, a particular application is the de-cluttering of people’s homes, the cleaning out of extraneous possessions. As it clears out a space, so it clears up the mind –even the soul.Continue reading “De-cluttering your digital life”

Welcome to class, this app will be your teacher

“In becoming a teacher, I’ve lost my mind…but found my heart and soul.”   When was the last time you downloaded an app to learn something? This month? This week? Today? Education is one the largest app categories on the App Store, and the advent of COVID has only increased the number of educational apps thatContinue reading “Welcome to class, this app will be your teacher”

Notes in times of quarantine #2

I went yesterday to a blood drive held at St. Patrick’s Church in Rittenhouse Square. Out of all Philadelphia’s squares it’s probably the most beautiful one. Perhaps it’s the combination of old and new architectures, or the grand stone fountain in the middle that’s reminiscent of European towns. The place usually buzzes with people, drinkingContinue reading “Notes in times of quarantine #2”

What are the origins of mass?

Came upon this excellent lecture by Jim Baggot, english physicist, philosopher and science writer on what our current understanding of mass is. Rarely does one find someone who speaks lucidly about a complex subject such as particle physics, intermixed with humor and softened by the palpable awe which Jim has towards the science. I willContinue reading “What are the origins of mass?”