Dangerous stories shouldn’t be whispered – Part 2


…Many years ago, cities were filled with people from all over the world. They had running water, constant internet, they even bought stuff with plastic cards! Everyone lived together and the people were much happier and less suspicious as they are now. Then, all of a sudden, a sign came down from the sky. Grandfather called it “The whip of God.” Anyways, it was basically a giant rock that was hurled from the heavens and struck the world. Pretty incredible huh? That’s not the end of it though, because out of the ashes from where the meteor hit came strange demons that began eating people up-”

“I’m sorry Solomon, I have to stop you right there.” She intervened. “You are being really, um, just, over the top? There is no such thing as meteorites or monsters, just accept that as what they really are: stories.” She gave him an incredulous look.

“I told you to listen to me, ” Solomon continued. “This is really important for you to know.”

“Why? Why do you keep insisting on this? Why did you make us meet in this abandoned shed? David I think you’re taking this too far. I’m going home.”

“Don’t please! I’m leaving tonight.”

Stopping on her tracks, she turned around from the closed door. “What? Where are you going?”

He took a few seconds, considering whether he should tell his secret.

“I’m going there. I’m going to New York.”

A few songbirds had perched on the tree just outside the dilapidated shed. They sang songs in the sad wilderness that surrounded them. They filled the deep silence with their sweet singing.

“Solomon.” She bit her lip. She knew there was nothing she could do. Once something was in Solomon’s head, he wouldn’t let go. She didn’t want him leaving, she couldn’t. Solomon would die outside the town’s perimeter, and winter was coming in a month. She had a deep-held secret though. Something she swore to herself never to tell, but this was the hour.

“Solomon, I love you,” she stood up, “and I never want to hurt you.” She stood tall and proud, her shadow seemed larger than before, and for a moment, Solomon could feel an overwhelming presence overtaking the room, the shed, the whole world, even. He felt this in his bones, and, even though she still looked and talked the same as before, he realized a newfound magnificence radiating from the person before him.

“Solomon, I am not who you think I am. My real name is Hope, and I’m not from around here.”


Thanks for reading. Comments and suggestions are welcome. I will post the third part here soon.

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